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6" Guzmania Allura (tall orange)

6" Guzmania Audrey (Orange with Green Tip) - Guzmania are predominantly epiphytic with a few terrestrial species and are native to the tropics. For the most part species vary in diameter from 7 or 8 inches to 3 or 4 feet and have rosettes of glossy, smooth edged leaves. Floral bracts of Guzmania frequently have brilliant colors and may last for many months. The range of colors for Guzmania is generally from yellow through orange but may also include flame red and red-purple. White or yellow flowers may also appear. Guzmania is native to tropical America. Asexual propagation is frequently done through tissue culture. Propagation can also be from off-shoots. The resulting plantlets are detached from the mother plant and may be potted in a suitable growing mixture. Indoors, bromeliads provide long lasting color the flower will last 6-12 weeks before replacement. Plant maintenance service technicians will replace bromeliads several times each year as needed. Bromeliads prefer warm temperature and bright light.

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