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Our First Priority:

Online orders are confirmed by email and get priority attention

Ask for Organic What is different about organically grown foliage plants

California consumers make informed decisions, shaped by ethical considerations and environmental impact.

Each one of us is a link in a chain of distribution, from producer to the consumer we bear a responsibility to the whole for good stewardship. In this way distribution is a chain of values.

Our policy is to preserve the integrity of that chain and our practices are consistent with California requirements for pest exclusion. We believe this policy is ethically aligned with the interests, values, and expectations of California consumers whose confidence and trust are industry’s most precious assets.

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Accuracy of content and functionality of web-navigational elements are important and expected by the user. There may be a few content and navigational errors that have escaped our notice. If you run into any of these, please let us know. From the start we intended to make this a beautiful, useful and a valued resource. Your feedback helps us to keep it so, thank you.

The purpose of this web-site is to provide improved service to our wholesale customer. We have designed the site for easy access to inventory, and to make the ordering experience efficient and accurate. Thanks to our customers for their suggestions, and for thirty years in business. Your confidence and trust are our most valued asset.

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