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a. FaxBack Plant Order Sheets and Price Lists
b. ASI Planter Specifications and Cut Sheets
c. Gainey Ceramics Product Specifications and Cut Sheets

a. Downloads - Plant Availability, Order Sheets and Price Lists

  1. Northern California Plant Availability - a brief listing only, the full scope of selections are seen on the web.
  2. Southern California Plant Availability
  3. Architectural Supplement' Planters - 2009 Price list - Fiberglass planters
  4. Gainey Ceramics - 2009 Price list - Fiberglass, Concrete and Ceramic Planters

b. Downloads - Architectural Supplements:

  1. Color Guide and Finishes - This one page Color Guide shows current fiberglass finishes. It is updated regularly to reflect changes in the line.
  2. The European Collection - A 10 page brochure that profiles European fiberglass and aluminum planters - round, square, tall square and rectangular shapes with stands to elevate and protect planters.
  3. Classic Shapes - This catalogue shows Italian, Oriental, and discontinued fiberglass shapes. It remains a good resource for metal containers of various shapes and sizes.
  4. Earth Bowls - A two page brochure showing seven new bowl sizes, with deep and low profiles.
  5. Earth Spheres - spherical shapes used as planters or sculptural elements.
  6. Earth Walls and Cubes - A 2 page catalogue profiling 9 different sizes and related Caster Platforms.
  7. European Tall Curve - derivative of Gainey's Tall Morgan, ASI introduces exciting new "burnished" finishes in this catalogue.
  8. Iron Clad Planters - The resin used in Iron Clad planters is impregnated with pigment through-out to enhance durability. While the Iron Clad is well suited for interiors, it is particularly well adapted to exterior placement. Available from agreenplanet.com in several shapes, sizes and surface textures.
  9. Metal Stands - 24 different stands to enhance and protect planters.
  10. Optimum One Planters - The Optimum One is a streamlined product that can be produced efficiently, the cost savings are passed along making this one of our best container values. Round, Square and Tall Square shapes are available in six attractive, utilitarian colors.
  11. Optimum One Rectangles - offers three different rectangular configurations.
  12. Symmetry Cylinders and Squares - With Symmetry, stunning round and square shapes can be clustered so that the same motif and same size plants can be placed at three different heights.
  13. Tapered Cylinders - This new series offers seven different sizes optimized to fit all popularly used grower pots.
  14. Tier Bowls - Square and round planters with strong lines - larger sizes are particularly interesting when elevated with a metal stand. Round and square bowls accept 6˝, 10˝ and 14˝ grower pots (with plenty of room for color plantings around the perimeter).
  15. Tier Planters - round and square containers that hold grower pots ranging from 6˝ through 30˝. Plus, 24 different stands and 48 standard finishes.

c. Downloads - Gainey Ceramics Product Specifications and Cut-sheets

  1. Color Guide and Finishes - This one page Color Guide shows durable ceramic glazes and current fiberglass finishes. It is updated regularly to reflect changes in the line.
  2. Sizing Chart - A table showing Gainey planters by style and size and the plant grower pot that fits.
  3. Aegean - a timeless design that has been with Gainey for many years. Available in several sizes of eco-friendly ceramic and fiberglass, this is a versatile container.
  4. Aegean Grande - a bold, substantial planter available in fiberglass only, comes in three sizes.
  5. Azalea - the container to fit every environment, both indoors and out. Available in eco-friendly ceramic and fiberglass.
  6. China Bowl - this widely recognized and beloved shape is designed to easily accept standard growing pots. Available in sizes to fit 6" - 48" grower pots, in eco-friendly ceramic and fiberglass.
  7. Cylinder - updated and relevant in a contemporary pallet of durable glazed finishes. This original can still make a strikingly modern statement!
  8. Flower Bowl - the eight sizes of Flower Bowl are ideally suited to showcase colorful displays of low-profile plants and flowers. Perfect for groupings or scattered through a terraced landscape, available in both eco-friendly ceramic and fiberglass.
  9. GFRC Concrete Planters - Venetian and Aegean style planters. GFRC blends fiberglass and reinforced concrete. It is lighter weight than concrete and more durable than fiberglass. Available in eight colors, can easily be customized to meet many color requests.
  10. Jewel - the Jewel blends mid-century modern style into a distinctly contemporary look. Available in six different sizes of eco-friendly ceramic and almost every color we make, this container works well in groups or as a stand alone centerpiece.
  11. Mesa Bowl - a perfect contemporary accent, available in four sizes.
  12. Morgan - Morgan collection is a Gainey classic. It is available in both eco-friendly ceramic and fiberglass.
  13. Morgan Tall - more is better, the elegant Morgan Tall will provide a dramatic flair to any area - in fiberglass only.
  14. Portofino 1 - Gainey's largest collection, the Portofino comes in three eco-friendly ceramic shapes and eight different fiberglass looks, from small to tall and square to round. This cut sheet profiles the Portofino round.
  15. Portofino 2 - Contains specifications for Portofino rectangles and fractions (1/4 round, half round, and 3/4 round)
  16. Portofino Square - the architectural profile of the Portofino square brings classic, understated elegance to a setting. Available only in fiberglass, generous sizing fits most standard growing containers perfectly.
  17. Sedona - evokes the Southwest and its rich history of ceramic pottery, the fiberglass only Sedona offers a classic look in a lightweight container.
  18. Trash Receptacle and Sand Jars - in two styles, classic and Portofino, these otherwise utilitarian pieces are transformed by the Gainey color pallet and durable glazes.
  19. Venetian 1 - the Venetian is a versatile line designed to bring out the best in any traditional or contemporary setting. Shows the Venetian Vase, Square, and Tall Square.
  20. Venetian 2 - This download depicts Gainey fiberglass Venetian bowls and rectangles