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We distribute products and related services to:

Interior Landscape Professionals, independent Garden Centers and Nurseries, Florists, Interior Designers, Exterior Landscape Companies, Architects, Property Managers and Real Estate Professionals, Mass Market Retailers, Supermarkets, Plant Brokers, Hotels, Party and Furniture Rental Companies, City, State and Federal Government, Schools, Universities, and large corporations with their own plant maintenance staff.

We work diligently to bring foliage buyers a bouquet of products sourced from the finest growers in California, Hawaii and Florida.  We offer value and quality.

We will also locate hard to find specimens and plant varieties in limited supply. 

Delivery, Labeling, Logistical Services and Mail Order Fulfillment

  1. Custom Label and Save!

  2. Northern California Delivery

  3. Southern California Delivery

  4. Pacific NW & Nevada Delivery

  5. Long Distance In-State Delivery

  6. Logistical Services

  7. Mail Order Fulfillment Services

  8. Sales - Return Policy