Optimum Cylinder Grey Gloss 09

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For outstanding durability Optimum containers are painted with low VOC SCRATCHGUARD™ finishes. Designed to reduce the use of fossil fuels production techniques use 30% less resin. This planter is one of our most affordable sized to fit standard grow pots from 6" - 18". The color pallet has 41 colors in: Gloss, Matte, Metallic and Gemstone. Not avalable in Faux or Burnished finishes. Custom color-matching is available: The charge to match a sample color is $230.00 per color/per order. Please furnish a 3"x3" color sample. We will return matches for your approval within 14 days. DOUBLE TOUGH CLEARCOAT is standard on Faux, Gemstone, Burnished Finishes. For Gloss, Matte, Metallics. Add 15% for Earth Forms™. Add 30% for Optimum One™ and Phoenix™ products.

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