10" Palm Chamaedorea Falcifera 04-5'

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It is interesting that the chamaedorea genus, whose name means "gift on the ground," has been responsible for providing interiorscapers with so many great palms. The falcifera is no exception and may be one of the hardiest yet. If you looking for a workhorse palm, look no further. Falcifera tolerates draught, will go anywhere you might place a seifritzii - with the ability to endure slightly darker environments. Its elegantly paired leaves, natural sheen, and slight arching foliage add a new and fresh texture to our pallette. A customer was so impressed with its durability he kept the plant sleaved for two weeks in the back of his truck, to see what would happen. "It did get a few brown tips," he admitted, "but that was about it." [Disclaimer: we are not recommending any such experiments, just relating what happened.]

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